Pressure vessel calculations AD2000 / EURONORM according to the pressure equipment directive PED 97/23/EG

You certainly know that:

  1. After a transition period, which ends on 29 of May 2002, the EURONORMS DIN EN 13445-3 and EN 1591 will replace the calculations according to the AD-Merkblätter
  2. The regulation AD 2000 secures that beyond May 2002 the pressure vessel calculations are performed according to the pressure vessel directive
  3. The technical regulations for pressure vessel and pipe constructions (TRD) are already available as Euronorm.

Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik has already implemented the EN (European Standards) and AD2000 as calculation programs. They can be integrated in the usual Excel environment, and can be documented in German or English.

In the process of harmonization of the European Regulations and following the requirements of the pressure vessel directive 97/23/EG, the calculation standards for pressure vessels have been implemented in national regulations. Presently, the German version of the norm EN 13445 is available as red print (edition August 1999). The preprint EN 1591, which was available for a while, was integrated in the EN 13445-3. The period for production and distribution of constructions according to the previous pressure vessel regulation, AD-Merkblätter and other national standards will end on May 29, 2002. Especially for the construction of pressure vessels, which have to be calculated according to the AD-Merkblätter and the DruckBehV, the EN 13445 par 3, "Construction", brings essential advances and improvements.

The EN 13445 is valid for unfired pressure vessels and, besides simple strength calculations, it includes also many special parts (Nozzles under local loads, fatigue strength calculations and calculation of expansion joints). Both standards, EN 1591 and EN 13445 offer new possibilities for flange calculations. The field of strength and tightness calculations of flanges and flange connections is covered in a much more general way as in the AD-Merkblätter.

The regulation AD2000 is based on the experience of the proved AD-Regulation and was adapted to the pressure vessel directive. It holds for pressure vessels, steam boilers, pipes and fittings. In this regulation the test pressure has been increased for temperature dependent strength values and the corresponding safety factor was reduced from 1.1 to 1.05.

For section 8 of the Euronorm EN 12952-3 on openings and nozzles in cylindrical shells of drums, headers and pipes, module AUZY was created, which is equipped with a detailed HTML-documentation.