Pressure Vessel Design per European Standard DIN EN 13445

The EN 13445-3 and EN 1591-1 programs cover the calculation rules and proofs demanded by the according chapter of the code. Additional information and hints for pursuing calculations or deficiencies in the code can be displayed dynamically by using the InfoBrowser.



The material data base of the program comprises the physical and mechanical properties of more than 3.400 materials. It includes all required DIN-EN delivery standards for the AD 2000 Merkblaetter and the TRD as well as all ASME specifications.

Bidirectional interfaces to CAD systems are available on request.

Overview of programs per EN 13445-3

Basic package EN 13445 - similar to AD 2000 section B

PDEN module Try Buy

Test pressure and material characteristics according to EN 13445-5 / chapter

For a single-compartment vessel subjected to internal pressure, working below the creep range, the test pressure, applied as internal pressure at the highest point of the chamber of the vessel for either horizontal or vertical test positions, is defined in the standard EN 13445. The modifications of the test pressure due to the hydrostatic pressure is also specified in the regulation.

The PDEN modules calculates the test pressure at the highest point for a complete project and provides the material characteristics of the used materials.

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Shells under internal pressure per EN 13445-3 chapter 7

Shells under external pressure per EN 13445-3 chapter 8

EN 09 module Try Buy EN 10 module Try Buy

Nozzles with or without reinforcement plate and openings in cylindrical, conical and spherical shells per EN 13445-3 chapter 9

Design of circular, elliptical or obround openings in dished ends or cylindrical, spherical and conical shells. the program provides a special calculation feature for nozzles at the knuckle area. 

Flat ends per EN13445-3 chapter 10

Calculations for determining the thickness of circular and non-circular unstayed flat ends under pressure and for providing adequate reinforcement for openings fitted in such ends.

Plates with or without edge moment can be designed.

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Heat exchanger tubesheets per EN 13445-3 chapter 13

The EN 13 module package consists of 3 modules for U-tube tubesheet, fixed tubesheet and floating tubesheet heat exchangers according chapter 13 of EN 13445-3. It is similar to AD 2000 B5 and the UHX module package of ASME VIII.

  • EN13a module deals with U-tubesheets
  • EN13b module deals with fixed tubesheets
  • EN13c module deals with floating tubesheets

1591 module package Try Buy Material database WERK Try Buy
Alternative method for the design of flanges and flanged connections per EN 13445-3 Annex G

Integration of several flange and gasket codes

The package includes modules for ANSI flanges (AFLT), EN 1092 (1092), DIN 28034 (VFLN), DIN 28036 (SFLA) and 2 gasket modules according DIN 269x + DIN EN 1514 (1514N incl. manufacturer data)

Selection and documentation of materials for pressure vessel design

The program determines the allowable material properties dependent on temperature, workpiece geometry, regulation standard and delivery standard. Own values can be added to a custom material table.

All values are displayed on screen and may be printed, copied into the clipboard, saved as a file (e.g. for further processing in Microsoft WORD) or transferred to any of our calculation modules e.g. AD 2000 / EN / ASME / TRD calculation program.

The material server is bilingual. You can switch from German to English and vice versa.

Vessel support stability package - similar to AD 2000 section S3.1 to S3.4

EN 16.8 module Try Buy
Horizontal vessels on saddles per EN 13445-3 chapter 16.8

The allowable stresses for testing pressure can be specified acc. EN 14025.

EN 16.10 module Try Buy EN 16.11 module Try Buy
Vertical vessels on bracket supports per EN 13445-3 chapter 16.10
  • brackets with / without reinforcing plate
  • additional loads (e.g. wind, earthquake, etc.)
Vertical vessels with dished heads on legs per EN 13445-3 chapter 16.11

similar to AD 2000 S3.3

EN 16.12 module Try Buy EN 16.14 module Try Buy
Vertical vessels with skirts per EN 13445-3 chapter 16.12
  • cylindrical or conical skirts
  • connection with supporting ring or welded
  • determination of required section loads

Shells under global loads per EN 13445-3 chapter 16.14

e.g. global weight load, global moment due to wind load

The module determines the maximum permitted compressive longitudinal stress σc,all in a cylindrical shell (according chapter 16.14.7).
A given wall thickness provided, the maximum permissable individual loads (tensile force Ft,max , compressive force Fc,max and bending moment Mmax) are determined according 16.14.4

EN 20 module Try Buy
Reinforcement of flat walls and round ends per EN 13445-3 chapter 20 and 21

The EN20 module calculates reinforcements of flat walls acc. EN 13445-3 chapter 20 and radial reinforcement ribs of round flat ends acc. Chapter 21. The program is divided into 3 calculation sections: 

  • 20 Stayed flat walls 
  • 21.4 Radially reinforced flat round ends without peripheral moment 
  • 21.5 Radially reinforced flat round ends with peripheral moment

Fatigue life package - similar to AD 2000 section S1 and S2

EN 17 module Try Buy EN 18 module Try Buy
Simplified assessment of fatigue life per EN 13445 chapter 17

The requirements are based on conservative assumptions. More precise, less conservative results will usually be obtained by application of the EN 18 module. This applies also for other cyclic loads, e.g. due to changes in temperature during operation or to variation of external loads.

However it is permitted to take non-pressure cyclic loads into account under consideration of the rules and regulations of the standard.

Detailed assessment of fatigue life per
EN 13445 chapter 18

Detailed fatigue assessment of pressure vessels and their components that are subjected to repeated fluctuations of stress. The fluctuations can be caused by pressure or temperature changes or by external loads.

Using this method requires knowledge of the structural stress.

Additional modules

EN 16.4 / EN 16.5 module Try Buy FEM module (nozzle loads)

Local loads on nozzles in spherical and cylindrical shells per EN 13445-3 chapter 16.4 and 16.5

e.g. nozzles under local loads with or without reinforcement

ALTERNATIVELY: Calculating nozzle loads by means of using the FE method.
(STUTZEN program)

We offer an integrated FE calculation for several standard problems like nozzles with external loads on cylindrical and spherical shells or domed heads.

The nozzles may be with or without reinforcement, vertical, oblique, offset or tangential.

 EFL module package Try Buy

Round steel flanges according to EN 1092-1
Calculation per DIN EN 13445-3 chapter 11

Modules of the package see price list

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