Flat gaskets acc. to DIN EN 1514-1 and DIN EN 1591-2 including manufacturer data

1514 N module




The standard DIN EN 1514-1 replaces the former DIN standards 2690, 2691 and 2692. That is why some geometrical data of the gaskets are changed.

By integrating the DIN EN 1514-1 and the DIN EN 1591-2 the module provides geometrical data of gaskets as well as gasket characteristics. The gasket characteristics are determined for several materials depending on the operating temperature.

Program features

The new 1514N module contains the ‚geometrical data for gaskets for flanges with PN code according to DIN EN 1514-1 for:

  • type IBC for type A faces (without nubbin) and type B faces (with nubbin)
  • type TG for type C and type D faces (tongue and groove)
  • type SR for type E and F faces (male and female face)

The module provides geometrical data starting at DN 10 for the following flange ratings: PN 6 / PN 10 / PN 16 / PN 25 / PN 40 / PN 63 according the related standards.

Additionally to the geometrical data of the gaskets and the characteristics from tables 1 to 6 of EN 1591 part 2, the module provides characteristics of the following gasket materials and types: Sigra / Klinger / Reinz / Garlock and Kempchen (see list)

Price: 410,- EUR plus VAT

Another combination possibility:

The 1514 N module is also offered with the 1591 module package and the EFL module package (flanges per EN 13445-3) with additional 5 flange modules. By integrating the module you do not have to enter the geometrical data and the gasket characteristics for the flange calculation.


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