Calculation of the heat loss of hot-storage tanks and calculation of the flat heating coil to compensate the heat loss (TANK)

TANK module package




Storage tanks might have to be heated to compensate for the cooler climatic conditions of the environment. In order to determine the required heat duty it is necessary to calculate the various types of heat losses from the surfaces of the tank


Calculation Example (PDF)

Program features

TANK calculates the heat losses of uninsulated, insulated and heated storage tanks. The floor plan of the tank might be round or  rectangular.

The heat losses through the bottom to the ground, through the wetted wall, through the dry wall or through the roof are determined separately. For the heat loss through the roof, the program considers also the heat loss due to radiation between the surface of the liquid and the roof.

Properties of the tank content

  1. The physical properties of more than 120 thermal oils (T-OIL), of several heavy fuel oils and Diesel (HFO) and water (H2O) are included in the program and can be easily selected as tank content. If another liquid than the ones mentioned before is stored in the tank, you may enter the properties manually.
  2. The physical properties of the gas above the liquid are included for nitrogen (N2) and air (LUFT). There is also the possibility of a manual input of the properties.

Calculation of the flat heating coil for heal loss compensation

Calculated is a flat heating coil (no tube bundle).  The heat transfer from the heating coil to the storage medium is performed by 'natural convection'. Heating media might be water, saturated steam, thermal oils or heavy fuel oils. The physical properties are provided by the program or can be entered manually. 

Extension in version 8.28:

  1. Heating with saturated steam according to VDI Heat Atlas chapter J1 (Condensation in Horizontal Tubes)
  2. Additional heating by an external half-coil pipe. This half-coil pipe is flown by a liquid heating or cooling fluid (VDI Heat Atlas chapter M2)

Scope of delivery

The TANK module package (comprising several VDI Heat Atlas modules and modules TANK, LUFT, N2, H2O, T-OIL, HFO) performs the calculations by using specialized modules. A quick result is achieved with only few input values.

The calculations are based on the VDI Heat Atlas approaches for heat transfer, free convection, etc.

Price: 1600 EUR plus VAT

Add-on Option

Calculating the required time for heating or cooling the tank at an extra charge of 600 EUR.

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