LV Software and MS EXCEL

The LV-Excel-Add-In interface enables a bidirectional data exchange between your EXCEL-sheet and a LV program module. The entire Excel capabilities are still available while integrating a complete equipment design by an LV module. You may perform a complete heat exchanger design, generate your own specification sheets, perform a cost estimation and write this all to an EXCEL sheet by simply clicking on a single button; everything is done in your familiar Excel environment with your own defined output sheets.

Furthermore LV-programs may be controlled by the MS-Office programming language. This feature allows e.g. to generate complete data tables and analyze them by using the graphical tools of Excel. 

For further use of LV-Sofware in other Windows programs you can use the client-server object-interface. This global programming interface enables the integration of every LV program module into other applications by using a suitable programming language like Java-Script or VB-Script. This is the way to integrate LV-modules into customers own programs.

Example: Using the LV Excel Add-In